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Vioma. The experience.

The word βίωμα [vioma] comes from the verb βιώ [vio, bio] which means to Live.

It's the experience that we gain throughout our lives, which forms our character & gives in our daily life unique meaning.

Vioma provides experiences to whoever would like to immerse themselves in the Naxian way of Life.

On an island where history has aided in the formation of a wealthy and stable cultural infrastructure, our eclectic gastronomy and multipurpose culture allow us to generously share our bounty with our friends.

Cookery lessons, food tasting tours, activities and cultural events will take place all year round in chosen areas of Naxos, enabling visitors to familiarize themselves with the island's natural wealth.

Katerina Andrielou

Our Tours

Culinary Experiences

Culinary Experiences

A journey that includes interaction with the local population and authentic ...

Food Tasting Tours

Food Tasting Tours

Discover stunning places, meet the traders, sample incredible flavors, interact ...

Home's Table

Home's Table

Find your beloved ones to travel with, then choose a unique destination and ...

A passion to share with you our culture through our gastronomical tours. For us, this is Vioma.

Just a passion!